These are the most Frequently Asked Questions

text – Click text to activate popup   Default: Click Me
image – Click image to activate popup
htmltag – Which HTML tag to be used   Default: Span
Content – This can be any content, an image, text, a full section or just anything.

shortcodes :-

[[sppro id=”5″][/sppro]] -> SPAN
[[sppro id=”5″ htmltag=”a”][/sppro]] -> LINK
[[sppro id=”5″ htmltag=”button”][/sppro]] -> BUTTON

To activate Slick Popup on any HTML element on the page, you need to provide a class “sppro-showpopup” to the element and it will open up the popup form.
For any HTML element, example: button, span and div

	<button class="sppro-showpopup">Click me</button>
	<span class="sppro-showpopup">Click Me</span>


  Span Popup

For an anchor tag you should use the HREF attribute as href=”#”

	<a href="#" class="sppro-showpopup">Click Me</a>


I am a link

For an Image element

	<img src="" class="sppro-showpopup" />


Go to Settings > Popup Effects > Activation Mode > Change the how to activate popup -> Auto popup on page load > Re- ask After > -1

In the href attribute of  the anchor tag use javascript:sppro_loader(s’popupid’);

	<a href="javascript:sppro_loader('id')">Click here</a>

Yes, you can do it in Plugin settings, just check for the “Where to show” options in the settings

Yes, you can do it in Plugin Settings > configuration.

In your editor go from visual to text and look for button tag

[[sppro id="5" htmltag="button"][/sppro]]

as you can see it does not have a text attribute in it so the default text goes as “click me” to change it just add a text attribute

[[sppro id="5" text="Slick Popup" htmltag="button"][/sppro]]

Yes, you can we have made your plugin with a lot of filters that helps the developer to modify or change the popup with the required needs.

Yes, you can to use are forms you just have to import them from setting.

No, it is not possible to have two popups on the same side but you can add one popup on each side.

You can find all the filters on the documentation page or you could ask us at

You can mail us anytime our team would surely reply to you at their earliest convenience.