Slick Popup: Popup Plugin for WordPress

Slick and Beautiful: The appearance of the popup is Wonderful

Create popup for any Contact Form 7 form

1. Multiple color schemes: 6 in-built color schemes for an easy choice
2. 100% Responsive: The popup is perfectly responsive on all screen sizes and works well on all devices.
3. Lightweight and Fast: The code quality is awesome which makes it very lightweight and lightning fast.
4. Easy to Configure: Easy to configure options makes it your last choice once you try it.
5. User-Friendly: When it loads, a user finds it very easy to fill up the form and inquiries increase.
6. Browser Compatible: Thoroughly tested with all major browsers and their widely used versions.

  1. Use different forms for different pages
  2.  5 pre-built color schemes for popup and you can create your own
  3. One-click import for demo forms
  4. Choose the background of your choice
  5. Options to style the side button
  6. Options to style the submit button

Slick Popup Lite: Demos and Activation

Best WordPress Popup plugin for Contact Form 7

Perfect for any website with a single product or service. Place a form on all pages of your website and get ready to get more leads.

To view the demos for activations for Slick Popup on different Html elements.

Click Here  -> Popup on Text

Link Text -> Popup on Linked Text

 -> Popup on Button

Slick Popup How to’s

How to Install Slick Popup

It is quite simple to install Slick Popup just follow the steps given below

  1. Go to Plugins
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Search For Slick Popup
  4. Click on Install
  5. After Installation, Click on Activate
  6. After Activation, make Beautiful Popups

Alternative Way

Download the ZIP file of Slick Popup from WordPress or from the button down below

  1. Go to Plugins
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Click on Upload Plugin
  4. Upload the ZIP File and let it install
  5. After Installation, Click on Activate Plugin
  6. After Activation, make Beautiful Popups

How to Create a Slick Popup

It is quite easy to create Slick Popup just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Slick Popup Lite
  2. In Configuration Tab Enable Plugin State
  3. Go to Popup Settings Tab
  4. Explore the various settings and adjust them according to your needs
  5. Go to Popup Heading Tab
  6. Enter the Popup Heading and Set typography of the Heading. In case you don’t want the heading, leave the text Blank.
  7. Go to Popup Body Tab
  8. Here you will find the color options and popup body text
  9. Go to Side Button Tab
  10. Here you will find Options to set the Side Button which will appear on your Website.
  11. Go to Submit Button Tab
  12. Here you will find Options to customize the Submit Button of your Form
  13. Go To Advanced Settings
  14. Here you will find options to put Custom CSS code and External Selector.
  15. Click on Save, your Slick Popup is Created.

How to activate Slick Popup lite on Click of a button?
You can choose to add class name=”splite-showpopup” or you can add in href=”javascript:splite_loader()”.

Slick Popup: Popup Plugin for WordPress

View Demos

Slick Popup Pro gives you options to make not just only a CF7 and an Image popup but a lot more than that. Click on the link below and
check out the demos.

There is so much you can do with Slick Popup and a ton of stuff more you can do with Slick Popup Pro.

Slick Popup Pro

There are many features of Slick Popup Pro which are not available for Slick Popup some of them are listed here.

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